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The nightlife is always hopping in Calgary! Here are just a few of the concerts we’re excited to see in Calgary in March!


Devin Cuddy and Jim Cuddy are a musical dynasty. Jim Cuddy made a name for himself as one of the principal songwriters of Blue Rodeo and is a Canadian musical legend; his son, Devin, is already emerging as a powerhouse talent whose voice and musical chops are every bit a match for his father. And, while we have a history of musical families in Canada (the Wainwrights spring to mind!), Jim and Devin Cuddy are a little bit different in that they actually play together, bringing their prodigious songwriting talents to bear in one incredible show at the Jubilee Auditorium March 1.
Also playing will be Barney Bentall, who is a legend in his own right. If you love Canadian music, this is not a night to miss! Tickets here.


There are only a few guitarists out there whose sound is so utterly singular that you know who is playing when you hear just one note; Carlos Santana is one of those players. A hero to multiple generations of musicians, from his appearance at Woodstock to his breakout renaissance in the 90s, Santana has continually reinvented himself to be powerful, timely, and unforgettable on stage. See him at the Saddledome on Saturday, March 10! Tickets and details here.


A virtuoso of the East Coast, Natalie McMaster is the undisputed Queen of the Maritime fiddle. A consummate performer whose good looks are only matched by her tremendous talent, she plays powerful music that will get you up out of your seat, stamping your feet and clapping your hands in time to her upbeat traditional folk tunes with a contemporary twist. I see her every time she comes through town – highly recommended.
Whatever brings you to Calgary, know you’re in good hands at the Days Inn Calgary North Balzac. Our complimentary Deluxe Daybreak Café starts your day with a delicious hot breakfast so you can get out and make the most of your day!