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posted by: Days Inn Calgary North Balzac on: March 02, 2019

Image By: Mathias Appel
The Calgary Zoo is a high-esteemed in its field for providing an educational experience that’s both fun and meaningful. The zoo, which is rated 4.5/5 stars on Google, has been a popular destination for tourists since it opened.
Visit All Your Favourite Animals
Unlike other zoos which make you walk aimlessly around looking for that exotic animal you’ve always wanted to see the Calgary zoo is well organized. The zoo is separated into subsections such as “Canadian Wilds”, “Destination Africa”, “Prehistoric Park”, “Dorothy Harvie Gardens” and “Eurasia”. You’ll find endangered species such as the panda bear along with exotic giants such as giraffes and lions. Prehistoric Park takes you through a trail of animatronic dinosaurs that move and make sounds. You’ll find a beautiful butterfly room in “Dorothy Harvie Gardens” and plenty of local wildlife in “Canadian Wilds”.
A Fun Time For The Whole Family
The Calgary Zoo is welcome to all ages to enjoy. You’re welcome to take photos of the animals although it is asked to turn your flash off. Information about each animal will be set up with demonstrations and feedings happening throughout the day. Food and beverage will be available at the food court and you can pick up any memorabilia at the souvenir shop on your way out! Tickets range from $19-$29 and gates are open from 9am-5pm.
The Calgary Zoo is just a short 20-minute drive from us at Days Inn Calgary North Balzac. Book with our hotel for luxurious suites that are both beautiful to look at and comfortable to stay in. We hope you enjoy your stay!